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Jan 18, 2021

Welcome Jolie Rose, the first guest of 2021, to the show. In this episode we dive into the energy within our bodies, where we can feel stuck, how we can move forward, and having compassion for ourselves in the process. 

Jolie is an NYC-based healer, who melds the physical with the spiritual - body, mind, and soul....

Jan 15, 2021

*Disclaimer: This is not a typical episode for this show. 

**Explicit Language Used.

In Lieu of recent lockdown orders within the Province of Ontario, Sue needed to chat with her industry colleague Mark - Podcast Host and Owner of ConEd Institute, to discuss decisions being made by therapists to work or not to work...

Jan 11, 2021

Happy 2021 Everyone! Welcome back to the show!

Today we are talking about LISTENING to our bodies and the signals we are receiving. When we can tap into our Internal Intelligence we can support our cells and make better decisions in our lives. We all have the power to do this, we just need to drop in, and focus.