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May 11, 2020

With this week being Nurse's Week, Sue talks to her favorite nurse friend, Peggy Birr.

Peggy shares her experience with becoming a mother at a young age and the emotional walls she built up within her body since then. 

Because of everything she has learned along the way, and how Personal Development impacted her life a few years ago, she is now in a place of paying it forward to help other women through her coaching program called The Fulfilment Project. 


Peggy has been nursing for 29 years, most of those years have been in the ER but also includes time on obstetrics and rural nursing where you are the nurse of all trades. Peggy also worked as a flight nurse for 7 years, transferring patients world wide. Travelling everywhere from Canada, the USA and globally to places such as Russia, Budapest, South Africa and Japan, to name a few. Peggy’s passions include, her family, including three grown children and also now includes a grandson and a another grandbaby on the way. She loves to travel, explore and adventure. Some of her favorite places include airports and definitely being out in nature, especially anywhere near the water, the mountains and trails. For the last 3 years she has completed adventure races with her hubby of 29 years. Peggy hit a wall 6 years ago in her nursing career, feeling disconnected, frustrated, bitter, angry and unfulfilled. It was then that she realized she had been waiting on the wrong people for way too long, to change things. She had been waiting for so many others to change how she felt, only to learn SHE was actually the person to create the positive change she craved. Peggy’s newest passion in the last few years after her own life changing personal development journey is helping women elevate, helping them confidently step into and owning their own personal power and creating the positive change they crave. She truly believes if you can help another woman create a ripple, it will become a wave.


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