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Jun 27, 2020

Amber is no doubt a Manifesting Mama! She has given birth to 4 children over a 16 year span and has a lot to share on this topic. Certain aspects went to plan for her, and some things did not, but everything happened the way it was meant to be.

Hi! I’m Amber.
I am a Mama Bear of 5 amazing souls. We are a beautifully blended family who shares a whole lotta love. My children are my everything, but I’ve since learned, I am more than a mama. I’m a writer, a storyteller. I inspire people and encourage them to live, earn, impact and serve in this life as their souls were meant to. We all were created for something. Created with everything we would ever need within to succeed. Self discovery is the answer to unlocking all of that. I write about that. I write about it all.