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Nov 8, 2020

"Showing up for yourself, so you can show up for everyone else." - Falon Malec

In this episode, Falon shares her journey of Vision to Creation as she builds her multifaceted platform, The Goddess Guild.

With the launch of the first book - Sisterhood; The Path To Found, she opens up about how if she had allowed her fears to take the wheel, this book, this platform, would not be alive and thriving as it is right now. 


Born in Ontario, Canada, Falon grew up surrounded by the lakes and wilderness of the well-loved Muskoka region. Here she developed her love of the wild, raw beauty of our Mother Earth and all the creatures that live within her. It is this love and connectedness that has inspired her to delve deeper into her love of the visual arts she combines her artistic skill with the beauty of the world around her to create wondrous landscapes and other creative pieces. A lover of books since she was a young child, it is no surprise that she would eventually open herself to the possibilities of writing as she shares her passion for life and explores her spirituality, sexuality, and emotional discoveries in the relationships she has experienced through her blog, Life’s Dirty Secrets. Since 2019, she has become a Best Selling author in multiple anthologies and launched her Business through the Goddess Guild Writing Community where she and women from around collaborate in The Goddess Diaries, a collection of short stories written by women from around the world. Spiritually guided, she believes everything happens for a reason, is learning to trust the process and enjoy what the journey the Universe has in store. . . as long as there is coffee.





Sue has written one of the chapters in the book and is so grateful for the opportunity. 

To PRE-ORDER a copy of Sisterhood; The Path To Found: