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Dec 20, 2020

CONGRATULATIONS! We Did It! We have almost made it through the year!

If you are reading and listening to this episode, I want you to celebrate yourself for making it through this Crazy, Bananas Year! Because it has been a doozy!

In this Final Episode we celebrate and hold gratitude for the small wins that might have seemed insignificant in years past.

As well, we Introduce Every Body Holds A Story Podcast, launching in 2021. This Podcast will showcase even more  powerful body stories with incredible humans, so we can relate, support, and normalize the Human Body Things that we go through.

If you have a story you want to share and want to be a guest on the show, applications are open and available in the link below.

Every Body Holds A Story Application:

"The fact that we even exist is truly a gift, so why not figure out these bodies while we have them."