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Jan 27, 2020

Sue chats with one of her Soul Sisters, Sarah Kleiner, to discuss the importance of finding our own unique healing path. If we can identify early on what works for our cells, it will help guide us toward the path we're meant to take, both in life and in business.

Sarah Kleiner is the best-selling author of Soul Nudge, and is known for helping women build a connection with their soul and step into their unique work in the world. Through helping clients deepen their soul connection, and using a variety of tools from shamanic and somatic practices to Reiki and coaching, her clients are getting clear on the unique message and medicine they have to share with the world, and how they can make an impact. She believes in a combination of internal healing and external strategy while building a business, helping women do the deep work to become a lighthouse for the clients they want to attract. She combines a marketing and PR background with training in coaching, herbalism, Reiki, and shamanic and somatic practices to help gentle souls step into their authentic self and truly shine.

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