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Mar 7, 2021

This conversation is probably the most relatable one for Sue, as her and Mandy dive deep into the realistic approach to full body healthcare. 

Body Neutrality is something Mandy is passionate about with educating her clients (and the world), as the majority of people tend to bounce between extremes when it comes to fitness goals. Celebrating the small victories is really where the Magic happens!


Hello! I’m Coach Mandy, and I’m your Unconventional Trainer – here’s why!

We’re all told that exercise can improve mental health. However, we’re not educated on how we should use exercise to cultivate a healthy relationship between our mind, body, and soul. With fitness, it is extremely easy to focus solely on physical results, but the changes that truly matter lie within. 

This is why my fitness platform is different. In the Coach Mandy YYC community, we focus on how we feel, how we react, and how we bounce forward – above all else. In other words, mental health comes first. Here, aesthetic and physical changes are simply a natural by-product from a sustainable lifestyle between movement, food, and emotions.

Amanda E. Smith, BScHNu; DipFHPR

Owner, Coach Mandy YYC™