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Apr 6, 2021

In this episode Sue and Karen discuss the art of entrepreneurial resilience, drive, faith and grit required to achieve success as micro-entrepreneurs. Karen Lowe shares her journey of growing up in Jamaica, which Sue loves to chat about, then moving to Canada to pursue her Doctorate Degree in Business Administration. 

She started Dreamer 2 Creator Business Magazine in January 2019 (launched April 2019). The magazine is intended to educate and promote Canadian micro-entrepreneurs (small businesses) while promoting Canadian content.


“I was 12, living in Jamaica; my mom bought my textbooks in the summer for me to start reading before classes began in September.  After reading literature books, I went on to fiction for entertainment. I became a dreamer, seeing myself in every story I read, even history.  At 14, I read a story of a consultant who owned a company, working remotely with people all over the world.  Like that entrepreneur, I saw myself having virtual meetings with people around the globe.  Virtual work or freelance entrepreneurship was not yet a thing. After many years of studying, I went on to become a creator and be the one to be having virtual business meetings.”

Karen holds a BSc (Computer and Management Studies) degree from the University of Technology, Jamaica, an MBA from Schulich School of Business, Toronto and is currently studying for her Doctorate in Business Administration.

After her MBA, she started Epigram Consulting Services, helping micro-entrepreneurs start their businesses and working through the kinks. She created Carys Belle, an eco-friendly handbag line.

She is the author of From Dreamer to Creator: Reframing Deterrents in Our Paths, which was from lessons learnt from Epigram Consulting Services.



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