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Jun 28, 2021

Ariel Taylor is leading the way in Surrogate and Infertility education in Canada. This episode is jammed packed with valuable information surrounding the process and logistics of Surrogacy. 

After carrying 4 babies in 6 years, she shares the lessons and perspective on this very incredible human body experience. 


Ariel Taylor is a Fertility Therapist and a 4x gestational surrogate who has candidly shared her journey on Instagram for the last 2 years. Ariel has spent the last 6 years in the fertility community as an advocate, speaker and educator around assisted reproduction and is now using her Social Work degree to provide counselling services for potential parents and surrogates through their own journeys. Ariel has dynamically embraced social media as a way to spread awareness and decrease the stigma around alternative routes to parenthood and normalize counselling. We are so grateful to have her in this community.

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