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Dec 1, 2019

Sue welcomes Steph Gold to the Pod, who openly shares her experience and challenge with Lyme Disease within the last year and a half. This is a different side of Steph, a side that most people do not see, but it is an important conversation to have, as it will undoubtedly help so many.

Steph Gold started her coaching business in 2011. She is an author of two international #1 Best Selling books, a motivational speaker, and a business coach for entrepreneurs in the coaching industry. She is the host of the “Now is Your Time Podcast,” featured on iTunes and Spotify.  Steph has a zero bullshit approach that will light a fire in you and move you forward in the pursuit of your goals immediately. She is an advocate for millennials and is passionate about aiding them in the development and implementation of their gifts NOW for the betterment of themselves and our world.