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Feb 17, 2020

Sometimes certain things happen within our bodies that we don't have control over. Annette opens up about the Grand Mal Seizure she endured during a very hectic time in her life and in her career. This Wake Up Call from the Universe was the catalyst for change she needed to take better care of her cells.

Annette is a former corporate hustler turned entrepreneur. After a major health scare, she began over-hauling her life and came to realize that ingredients of your life matter. The food you eat, the people you choose to be around, the job you choose to spend your time doing all ultimately play in a part in your happiness.

Annette is a passionate wellness advocate and when not working can be found on her yoga mat, SUP board or meal prepping healthy meals. She loves taking long walks or hikes with her border collie Oreo.

Annette has an educational background in visual merchandising/marketing, culinary and is a certified aromatherapist. She has been able to use all of these skills to build her own plant based beauty brand: Lip Service Beauty.

Lip Service Beauty believes wholeheartedly that ingredients matter and source as locally and ethically as possible. Their plant based cosmetics are hand made in small batches.