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Feb 21, 2020

There are certain moments in life that move us at the cellular level, and that is exactly what happened to Sue when Shannon took the stage at the Great Canadian Woman Summit this past year.  Sue and Shannon discuss the power of feeling and absorbing energy within our bodies and from others around us, and how it can shape our lives and our futures.

Shannon Miller is an Inspirational Speaker, a Best Selling Author in the collaborative book ‘The Great Canadian Woman She is Strong and Free’, and a Grief Guide where she coaches people as they walk through the darkness of their grief and learn to live life after loss.

She is a traumatic grief survivor after one of her children, Kaiti, was murdered in 2014. For as long as Shannon can remember, she has felt peoples’ energy – the happiness, the sadness, the fear, the hurt, and the anger. As a child, she didn’t know that others couldn’t feel the energy too. After being reprimanded numerous times by adults in her world for wanting to talk about these ‘feelings’, Shannon stopped sharing and asking about them. After the birth of her children, Shannon could no longer stifle these energetic feelings and began to share openly and honestly about them.