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Oct 25, 2020

Becoming investigators for our own bodies. This is the New Standard of Care. 

Excuse the rant, but Sue is very passionate about finding methods that suit human body needs, as they seem to fit. We are all seeking different ways and it's no longer up to the conventional "medical professionals".

You do you, and feel free...

Oct 19, 2020

Sue FINALLY lands a conversation with her favourite Massage Therapist friend Meredith de Jonge, with whom she met back in highschool. This career path reunited these two in 2007, and ever since has become the catalyst for their ever growing friendship and support within the industry. 



Meredith de Jonge is a...

Oct 6, 2020

"The minute you start competing in Yoga, you lose." This quote offers a glimpse into Elizabeth's approach to how she teaches and guides her clients through their practice. We are all on our own journey.

In this episode we learn about what she has experienced within her own body, and how motherhood shifted her...