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Jun 27, 2020

Amber is no doubt a Manifesting Mama! She has given birth to 4 children over a 16 year span and has a lot to share on this topic. Certain aspects went to plan for her, and some things did not, but everything happened the way it was meant to be.

Hi! I’m Amber.
I am a Mama Bear of 5 amazing souls. We are a beautifully...

Jun 16, 2020

Amanda Cooke returns to the show - alone this time - to share her childbirth experiences and what went to plan for her and what did not.

Sue, not-so-secretly, wishes that Amanda and her family would move to London so they could be neighbours, and their daughters could become BFF's, and they would all live happily...

Jun 15, 2020

Laura Lorentz kicks off this Incredible Birth Story Series, which Sue is excited to announce, will run all summer long! Laura is such a bright light within the Entrepreneurial Space and shares her childbirth experience for this series exquisitely.  

Laura is a Business Coach for Mamas. Her maternity leave with her...

Jun 8, 2020

Oh what a year it has been! 

For this Anniversary Show, Sue decided to bring back one of her favorite humans in her life.

Sarah Reimer was the first ever guest on the podcast and her episode holds the highest amount of downloads out of all the guest episodes to date. 

We get a little political with this one.



Jun 1, 2020

Krista and Sue finally connect in real life (but virtually), to talk about how incredibly powerful our bodies actually are. Krista shares her incredible story of conquering fibroid tumors and how tuning in, and caring for our cells deeply, can heal us beyond what we think is truly possible. 


Krista Kokot is a Life...