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Jun 1, 2020

Krista and Sue finally connect in real life (but virtually), to talk about how incredibly powerful our bodies actually are. Krista shares her incredible story of conquering fibroid tumors and how tuning in, and caring for our cells deeply, can heal us beyond what we think is truly possible. 


Krista Kokot is a Life Coach for women, helping them let go of people-pleasing habits, co-dependency & unhealthy relationships so they can live their best genuine self. She proudly produced her podcast, The Love of Purple in 2019, which offers valuable resources of inspiration and guidance to her community weekly. She is admired for her genuine authenticity, walking exactly what she coaches her clients to do. Krista is a dynamic leader and entrepreneur that has made her personal mission in life to inspire and motivate one person at a time to live life on their own terms.



The Love of Purple Podcast: