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Jul 20, 2020

Alana experienced a bit of a bumpy ride throughout her pregnancy, especially within the final weeks. In this episode we learn what Puppp is, and how we do not wish that upon any woman during pregnancy. 

Alana Krzysztofik (Chris-toff-ick) is a first time mom living in Kitchener with her husband Nick, 7 month old daughter Brielle, their dog Wilfrid, and cat Pekoe. They love to spend time outside, exploring trails around their neighbourhood and are looking forward to getting back to normalized socializing with their friends and family.  Alana is a grade 5/6 French Immersion teacher in Waterloo. She is loving mat leave but is also excited to see her staff and students again when she returns to work in September. Alana has loved each baby stage so far but is truly enjoying watching Brielle change, grow, and learn so much so quickly at this age. Her pregnancy experience was quite the emotional rollercoaster as it wasn’t always smooth sailing. She hopes that from her story other moms will take away that it is good to have a plan, but it is more than ok if your birth doesn’t follow that path. In her experience, Alana knew that she had a lot of factors to consider, and just having a safe delivery for both her and her baby was her plan. She wants other moms to know that while pregnancy is amazing, beautiful and scary all at once, the unknowns to us as new moms are the “knowns” to our midwives, OBs and nurses. Trust the process, ask lots of questions, and lean on your support system. Alana is more than happy to talk to anyone about their experience, or answer any questions.