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Feb 10, 2020

It's amazing how stress and anxiety can affect every single system within our body. It isn't until we hit some sort of tipping point, that we then realize the importance of needing to make changes.

Sarah Swain opens up about the pain, the anxiety and the stress she felt within her body while working in the Corporate world, that ultimately followed her into Entrepreneurship. 

She shares her story in the hope that more business women (and men) can begin to listen to what their bodies are telling them, so that they can achieve their business goals while feeling healthy in the process.


Sarah Swain has taken Canadian entrepreneurship by storm. This corporate overachiever-turned-business owner traded in her cushy job, management title and 6 figure salary for a dream of building an empire. With nothing but an idea, a growling hunger to help people see what's possible and a Facebook group, Sarah sought to build a platform to connect and elevate Canadian women. Her mission has always been twofold; put top Canadian talent on the map, as opposed to just a place to get drafted and creating magic elsewhere, and keep as many dreams as possible from going to the grave. With an unparalled work ethic, hyper-focus and passion for leadership, Sarah is dedicated to the growth of people and their ideas alike. Integrity and a commitment to pushing the envelope is what paves the path for this trailblazer, as seen by her top-rated podcast, best-selling book and transformational events. Her idea of self-care is being in nature, spending time with family and reflecting on all the ways The Great Canadian Woman platform is changing the game.